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Did you….On this day in 1997 British Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green broke the land-speed record by driving a jet-powered car faster than the speed of sound! Now that is some serious speed!
And of course Vera has a print with some serious cars-“Crossroads” ©

I think these cars come close to that kind of speed…maybe a little!

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Did you know….On this day in 1887 Thomas Edison organized the Edison Phonograph Company;
So, here’s a little Thursday morning music inspiration brought to you by Vera! It’s called “Record Album” ©

And take a look at the corner detail on the scarf with the little record album, how cute is that!!!

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Did you know….On this day in 1908 the Model T automobile was introduced by Henry Ford; we may not have the car, but we’ve got the wheels!!!
Here’s a Vera print called “Wheels” ©

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It’s Fall! Time for crisp, cool weather and big mugs of your favorite hot drink!
Here’s a Vera print called “Leaves Galore” © from 1969

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Did you know….On this day in 1763 it was reported by the Boston Gazette, that the first piano had been built in the United States; it was named the spinet and was made by John Harris.
So, here is an early-Vera print called “Piano” ©

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Did you know……It’s Sewing Machine Day!
The first sewing machine was patented on this day in 1846.
So, in honor of this day here is an early-Vera print called
“Singer” ©

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Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Independence Day!! Enjoy the weekend & take a minute to remember those who have and are still protecting our freedom!!!

P.S. Isn’t this a great patriotic Vera design? ‘Betsy Ross’ scarf by Vera Neumann 1974